We started our first Flock of Birds business unit in Gulu, Uganda. In this post-conflict area the youth unemployment rate is exceptionally high. A generation of young people lack years of primary or secondary education and have only very basic skills to support themselves. With hardly no local economic development there are not enough employment opportunities.

We are a business, but a social one. We produce for and sell products on the local market and bring in new design products to develop the skills of our staff. We sell the products through our shops.

Our employees start with a 2-year program: an internship of 3 months and 9 months on the job skills training, coaching and personal development. When they have successfully finished this first year, they stay employed by Flock of Birds for a minimum of 1 more year.

When applicable Flock of Birds will support and create resources for the youth that want to develop their individual skills further. All our activities are designed to invest in Africa’s young generation.