Cape Town – Design, product development, production & skills development

Flock of Birds seeks to link up with young African designers to develop a unique portfolio of high quality African Flock of Birds products. In 2014 Cape Town will be the Design Capital of the World and the Flock of Birds organisation will use this momentum to support young people in getting their design produced.

In our design studio, showroom and production space we enable the production of prototypes of new products and facilitate small production runs. A small shop will be opened for sales of ready made or customized products. The office is responsible for quality control, production preparation and purchasing.

Young designers are invited to join the team. In most cases these young people do not have the resources to bring their product to market. Flock of Birds will be the vehicle that enables and supports them with prototyping, production, distribution and sales.

All our activities are designed to invest in Africa’s young generation.