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With almost 200 million people aged between 15 and 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world. This number will double by 2045. Many jobs have been created over the last decade, but the pace needs to accelerate significantly to match the demand of Africa's next generations.

−source, © AfricanEconomicOutlook.org, 2012

We Invest in the Young

Flock of Birds is an initiative from a team of people experienced in the field of development and business who have bundled their knowledge, resources and expertise to combine business, trade & development and invest in Africa’s young generation.

Our Integrated Approach

Local job creation -

We start small Flock of Birds businesses, do market assessment, employ local youth and produce products that are in demand.

Skills development -

A 2-year bridging model connects earning & learning. We build the skills and capacity of these youth and create a diverse and skilled young labour force;

Sustainable local economy development

Small businesses on multiple locations. We create an environment for new product development and create income through sales of the products.

Our flock is an open and flexible structure of collaboration. Our business development process is practical and fast with knowledge of local context. We use existing resources efficiently and our co-creation mindset keeps us open and innovative.

Explore our website to learn more About us and how we combine a business & development approach to bring change.

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  • Summer school at Makerere University.Summer school at Makerere University.Summer school at Makerere University

    Makerere Summer School, Flock Of Birds

  • Summer School Utamu. Summer school UTAMUSummer School Utamu. Summer school UTAMUSummer School Utamu. Summer school UTAMUSummer School Utamu. Summer school UTAMUSummer School Utamu. Summer school UTAMUSummer School Utamu. Read More

    UTAMU Summer School, FLock Of Birds

FoB businesses


TheFoB ICT business’s mission is to provide the information technology required for the fulfillment of the Flock of Birds’s mission in an efficient and effective manner through building world-class competencies in the technical analysis, design, procurement, implementation, operation and support of computing infrastructure and services.

The FoB ICT business is a highly demanding computing environment,

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FoB design & shop

FoB design & shop business is well furnished with modern art depicting history. The creativity that is fetched in the processes involved in producing this art and craft work is intense and gets the hook-the-eye concept. With reflection to the Flock of Bird’s mission this products are produced by our own Vocational School located in Gulu

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Our Businesses

Our Clients & Partners

  • Butterflyworks
  • Mansystems
  • Warchild Netherlands
  • Mendix